Student Life

Students having fun

We invite you to learn more about student life at Georgetown by exploring the pages below.

In this section, you will learn about:

  • Housing – how we leverage our location at the heart of the nation’s capital, where Georgetown graduate students choose to live, and how they get to campus
  • Transportation – one of the the nation’s most walkable cities, Washington, D.C., and Georgetown offer several inexpensive and commuter friendly transportation options
  • Health Insurance – Georgetown University health insurance eligibility requirements and plan information
  • Student Organizations – as an MS-ESM student you have access to more than 40 student-run organizations across two schools that integrate your academic, social, and professional life, and attest to our culture of community
  • Life in D.C. – learn more about living in the nation’s capital and what makes D.C. such a special place not only to study, but to reside
  • Ethos & Diversity Statements – values that guide our community of principled leadership.
  • International Students – specific and important information for international students in the MS-ESM program