Student learning

The Georgetown MS-ESM program prepares you to become a principled leader in environment and sustainability. Together with your cohort, you will engage in a common curriculum that blends scientific knowledge with business principles – a powerful combination that will enable you to decisively address looming environmental threats and help build a more sustainable future within almost any organization.

The curriculum culminates with the Capstone Course, a professional-level consulting project that builds upon the knowledge gained from your courses. With guidance from your faculty, you will work with a small group of fellow MS-ESM students and partner with executives from real-life organizations to address complex sustainability and business challenges.

Courses will be offered two to three days per week with most courses schedules during the day.

Section Overview

  • Orientation and Welcome Weekend – events that will help you prepare for your MS-ESM experience and life at Georgetown
  • Academic Calendar (new window) – dates to help you plan ahead (potential updates in the future)
  • Cohort Model – how we carefully organize each student class to promote diversity and community
  • Courses – course descriptions and an outline of your MS-ESM curriculum
  • Course Materials – how to obtain the things you’ll need for class
  • Accommodations – how to obtain services for students with disabilities
  • Quantitative Resources – some links and additional information you may find helpful to brush up on your quantitative skills
  • Technology – information on the equipment you will need and details on the support services the Technology Center offers