Georgetown University is committed to providing an accessible and welcoming learning environment for all students. Should you require disability accommodations for your coursework, please contact the Academic Resource Center (ARC).  The ARC serves as the main facilitator for student disability access and does so in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the amended Americans with Disabilities Act of 2008 (ADAAA).

To request disability accommodations, submit your documentation to the main ARC email account. Consult the ARC’s documentation guidelines to ensure that your documentation meets our requirements. If you have questions about those requirements, or if you are unsure about which guidelines will be applicable to you, you can send those questions to the ARC email account, and an administrator will contact you to address your concerns.

Upon receiving your documentation, an ARC administrator will ensure that it meets the criteria for accommodation determination. That administrator will then contact you to set an appointment, during which your accommodation plan and general ARC procedures will be reviewed. Students are highly encouraged to submit documentation to the ARC as promptly as possible, as review may take up to four weeks.

At the conclusion of this meeting, you will be provided a letter from the ARC that verifies your accommodations. You should then make an appointment with the MS-ESM program coordinator to provide the accommodation letter and to discuss the implementation of your accommodations. The MS-ESM program coordinator must have at least five business days’ notice to coordinate alternate arrangements for examinations.

Please understand that the university is not responsible for implementing individualized accommodations for students who have not formalized their requests through the ARC. In addition, the university need not modify programmatic, course, or degree requirements that are considered to be an essential component of the program of instruction.