English Preparation Courses

You will find the MS-ESM program to be rigorous and fast-paced. Even the most proficient speakers of English have some difficulty acclimating to the rapid speech patterns of U.S. professors and students. Success in the classroom and in the workplace depends upon your ability to take in large amounts of information and to understand rapid-fire communication using specific terminology and concepts.

We are pleased to offer Georgetown University’s English Skills for Graduate Students program for you to sharpen your English skills this summer. Please note this program is only offered in in-person format, held on-campus from June 29 – July 20, 2022.

We are also excited to offer Georgetown University’s Evening and Weekend English program for both incoming students and family members/spouses. Enroll early for discounted registration.

English Skills for Graduate Students

This full-time course is designed to fine-tune your English language abilities in:

  • Leading class and group discussions and team meetings
  • Understanding rapid speech, unfamiliar accents, and idiomatic language
  • Negotiating project ideas and plans in a group setting
  • Developing awareness of formal writing tone
  • Developing and delivering planned and unplanned oral presentations
  • Researching and writing short reports and summaries
  • Managing heavy reading and assignment loads on a daily basis
  • Synthesizing and discerning data from multiple sources

The Georgetown School of Continuing Studies English Language Center (ELC) website (new window) provides details about the course, including fees, FAQs, a self-assessment survey, and the application.

Apply by May 1, 2022
Course dates: July 5-July 26, 2022